6 Ways to Keep Moving Forward When Feeling Stuck

6 Ways to Keep Moving Forward When Feeling Stuck

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When you live by the Pay to Play principle some times you may feel stuck on your journey, but here are 6 Strategies you can apply to help you move forward when feeling stuck:

  1. Pray - because our strength and joy comes from within. And when we pray we open up a direct line of spiritual communication with the almighty who reassures us that opportunities are unlimited.
  2. Seek out small victories - When we have a series of small victories it boosts our confidence and eagerness to go in for a bigger win.
  3. Freshen up on skills that can make us some money by taking a free online course or watch a Youtube tutorial. We have so many free resources that there’s literally no excuse why we can’t master something.
  4. Exercise - nothing feels more amazing than endorphin-fueled positivity from a good run. You instantly feel more competent socially, mentally, and athletically. The increased self-esteem is real.
  5. Don’t commit to doing anything that you really don’t want to do because saying yes when you really mean no is only going to make you more stressed. Focus on doing purposeful things that won’t cause you to lose your sanity or health.
  6. Celebrate someone else. That positive energy you send to someone else will return to you in some form and elevate your mood.

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